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Because you've shown that you're ready to get rid of your back pain for good, I want to offer you this one-time opportunity to upgrade your order to the Platinum Package.

Here's what you get in the Platinum Package:

The Complete Bulletproof Back System

bulletproof back system


Special Platinum Upgrades


ipod videosPlatinum Upgrade #1: Downloadable Videos for Your Computer and/or iPod ($97 value)

If you want to take the videos with you to the gym or simply store them on your own computer at home for faster access to make sure you're doing everything in perfect form, this is your solution.

1.3 gb of high quality videos will help you do everything right and make sure you get the fastest results possible (high speed connection needed for download).


jackie blakePlatinum Upgrade #2: Nutrition and Back Pain Interview with Holistic Lifestyle Coach Jackie Blake ($100 value)

Jackie is an expert when it comes to nutritional healing and in this exclusive 45 minute audio, I get her to spill the beans on the worst foods that keep you feeling your back pain and strategies to make sure your nutrition is supporting, not harming, your healing efforts.

She also put together a 14 day cleanse protocol to minimize pain due to inflammation and heal your internal organs and gut.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get the power of nutrition on your side!




Platinum Upgrade #3: Nutrition-itsu Manual and 7-Day Quickstart Guide ($67 value)

This is my take on what 'eating right' is all about. I wrote this manual for my MMA athletes, and here's what one had to say:

"I've started using the information in the nutrition-itsu book and am already seeing results with a simple change in diet and very light to minimal exercise (some body weight exercises). In the last few weeks I have started seeing some definition in my abs, shoulders, chest and legs where prior to I had little to none. Raymond S."

The manual outlines simple principles to eating right and includes a 7-day meal plan where I give you a grocery list and tell you exactly what to eat and when to get strated on the right foot.

NOTE: All components of the Bulletproof Back system are instantly available to you in digital format so you can get started eliminating your back pain right away. The manuals are in PDF format, which can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader on PC or Mac, the streaming videos are in FLV format, which can be viewed using the free Adobe Flash Player on PC or Mac, the downloadable iPod videos are in .MP4 format and the interview is in MP3 format.


Get these 4 upgrades to ensure you've got everything you need to be successful in eliminating your pain for good for only...


That's only $50 more for the 3 Platinum upgrades with a real world value of $264!

Plus, you're still covered by my no questions asked 60 day money-back guarantee - so there's absolutely no risk to get started right now.

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No thanks, I'd rather get the Bulletproof Back standard package without the Platinum upgrades for only $97 today.

bulletproof back system

I understand that the Platinum Upgrades are a one-time-offer only, and that I'm missing out on an opportunity to get a package that will GUARANTEE I have all my bases covered to totally eliminate my back pain, but I'm fine with that.

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